Who are we?

Our Association was born in 1977 when a small group of Jungian Analysts left their place of origin to create their own training – a training which aspired to combine elements drawn from the developmental wing of Jungian with the more archetypal and spiritual approach. Gerhard Adler, an analyst who worked closely with Jung, was the founder of AJA and he led the group until his death in ?? Having separated from another London Jungian Association the group was at first ‘homeless’ and training would take place in private homes – largely in North London although members came from different parts of the United Kingdom. Looking back the separation resembles the moment in everyone’s life when we leave home to find our own way in life.

Several years later in 1987(??) an apartment was leased on the third floor of a residential building in Swiss Cottage, and this became which became AJA’s home for many years. In 2021 the decision was taken to look for new premises in order to expand a diversify. Our search was interrupted by Covid and the subsequent lockdowns, but eventually new premises were found in Delancey Street, Camden. On 3 rd December 2022 members gathered in our new home amidst unpacked boxes. Now we are established in the building and are opening our doors to groups and other psychotherapists who use our consulting rooms to see their patients.

What is our purpose? What are we here for?

AJA is a training organisation and has been right from the beginning of our existence. As indicated above, AJA seeks to hold the middle ground between developmental and archetypal thinking. This can be seen in our training syllabus and in the external seminar leaders who are invited to teach. Holding the middle ground is not an easy place to be and at times it can feel more like holding two extremes together. But it is also a creative place where new thoughts and ideas can emerge.

An important feature of our training is expressed in its title, Jungian Analytical Training for Qualified Psychotherapists (JATQP). Our candidates are all qualified psychotherapists so they bring with them their experience of working with a variety of people. Monthly weekend seminars enable candidates to continue their own practice during the week. The aim is not a ‘conversion’ that turns its back on what has

already been learnt but rather an integration of previous experience with the concepts and theoretical base of Analytical psychology as expounded by Carl Jung. More details of the training can be found in another section of the website.

Our new premises allow us to offer seminars, workshops for members of AJA as well as to the public – there is an increased interest in Jung and Jungian concepts at the present time. These events are advertised in the events section of this website. The majority are in hybrid form – participants can come in person or join us online. One of the fruits of lockdown has been the discovery of new means of communication through Zoom and other similar programmes.

Whilst we are a London based association our membership increasing comes from other part of the United Kingdom. We are also active members of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP). This challenges us who look outside of the walls of our premises. Many of our number have been involved in trainings in countries where initially there were few Jungians. This has had an impact on us as a group and increased our collective consciousness of different realities to our own. And it has also been energising to see the spread on analytical psychology in so many parts of the world.

























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